How to Do Simple Glass Painting

Glass Painting can be done by anyone and you don't need to be a professional. It can give you a very satisfying output if you follow some basic steps and guidelines. You can turn a plain glass into a valuable piece of art. Not only that, you can even personalize your glass photo frames or turn an unused glass into an art piece. Just kick up your creative mind and get going!! 

  1. Do Simple Glass Painting Step 1.jpg
    Prepare the Glass. Clean the glass carefully. Use white spirit or just your nail polish remover would do the job.
  2. Do Simple Glass Painting Step 2.jpg
    Choose the Paints. Glass colors are available to paint on glass. They come as water-based and solvent-based. You can use either one(try experimenting). Acrylic and oil colors can also be used but the oil paint takes a longer time to dry(Glass colors are really fun to work with and gives a translucent appearance, so don't miss it). Usually Glass Liners are used to draw the outlines. Be sure to use glass liners if you are going to paint with glass colors.
  3. Do Simple Glass Painting Step 3.jpg
    Trace Design (Drawing Outlines). If you're confident enough, you can go ahead and draw with freehand. If you've got a printed design, place the design under the glass (so that the design is visible through the glass), secure it with a tape or clip and trace it.
  4. Do Simple Glass Painting Step 4.jpg
    Start Painting. Now that your design is ready, start painting with your choice of colors.
  5. Do Simple Glass Painting Step 5.jpg
    Frame. Your artwork is all set to be framed and showcased to earn you all the credits!
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