Aug 15, 2012

two types of glass painting techniques

There are two types of glass paint, a dry and live in another household baking. It is advisable to choose products belonging to oven drying because once baked, the paint is dishwasher-safe and suitable for food contact.

If not, it is always possible to paint with acrylic on glass, the paint will adhere but not for very long and will not withstand washing or scraping. Above all, do not cook this kind of painting, it is not expected that. You can limit to improve its grip by placing a layer of acrylic gesso or varnish.

But to make a painting on glass that is sustainable, we do agree that it will use products designed for this purpose. You will find this kind of painting in transparent or opaque. She cooks in a domestic oven to 150 °.

The paintings currently on the market are nearly all of equal quality. The aspect that you will get mostly depends on you. The more you paint on your glass gesture becomes more expert. Over time, you will learn to concentrate and to properly use your paint.

To fix the paint on glass using a domestic oven, place your object into a cold oven and 40 minutes count down to 150 or 160 ° C from the temperature rise. When cooked, open the oven door and allow to cool your object inside.

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