Glass Painting is a acceptable action acclimated back the Middle Ages to accredit leadlighters to actualize detail such as is encountered, for instance, in easily and faces.

Because the art got it alpha in the windows of churches and cathedral, in a time area the alone accessible were actual active (cobal blue, chestnut red, argent yellow), and area the corrective bare to be apparent from a distance, it was mostly bidding through the acceptance of base curve of archetype black. To this day, for bigger or for worse, decrepit bottle painting is associated with this asperous representational style. Some artists try to accumulate the acceptable aspects alive, with a abreast touch; others breach absolutely chargeless of the medieval-inspired artful emphasizing a actual claimed estimation of the technique.

Glass painters accept the afterward techniques at their disposal, that they use in assorted proportions:

Tracing atramentous

Matting with blurred pigments

Silver stain


Lead-free paints

Blendable paints

Different acrylic media


Most acrylic crumb contains lead. Use a affectation to abate exposure, the action does actualize accomplished aerial particles.

Do not eat about bottle painting plan areas.

Don't leave cardboard or activation about the kiln.

Sometimes as you paint, you will apprehension that acrylic chaplet in some areas, and does not advance accurately on the bottle surface. Your bottle needs to be impeccably apple-pie afore you work, and charwoman the bottle is a 3-step process. You cannot skip these steps, or substitute. I approved with scouring pads, ethanol, acetone, soap... and I'd still get areas area the acrylic beads.


Daub a hardly clammy rag in whiting (calcium carbonate), and scrub, scrub, scrub.

Wash off with dishwashing aqueous soap.

Finish off with ammonia-based window cleaner, such as Windex.

For the tutorial, we will acrylic a butterfly. The atramentous and white angel is to be acclimated for the archetype black, matting, and the black angel as a advertence for enameling and argent stain. This butterfly can be completed in 4 firings. If you are not annoyed with the results, do it again! There is no bigger way to apprentice than to echo the aforementioned art plan until it looks the way you wish it to about-face out. To book the patterns, save the images beneath and print, or book directly, by right-clicking on them.
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