Apr 26, 2010

paint a glass pattern on food contact

The painting on glass, stained glass or painting, fascinated by its bright colors and effects of transparency with which we can play.

But when you start painting on glass, the first disappointment is the mark left by the brush ...

Tips include:

- Use very soft bristle brushes,

- Or small sponges,

- Certain colors are smoothed more than others (depending on the pigments used).

To set the paint, a traditional baking is recommended.

To paint the lenses of his catering, painting "special food contact" is necessary. Moreover, these paintings are now washed in the dishwasher ... but it must be tested several times to be sure that the colors will not fade or deteriorate the paint.

Try it! The painting effect "frosted" which gives a sophisticated ...

To paint a pattern on the glass, draw or print it and slide inside the glass jar to decorate.

Here, it is a simple geometric motif: triangles.

Attention to measure the inside perimeter of the glass to calculate the size of triangles in order to make a complete revolution with the same design ...

Here is a model to begin painting on glass, which can be made by children.

The glass jar is used in octagonal shape: so each side can easily be painted in alternating colors.

The hat is cut in a pretty fabric, ideally with pinking shears, and drawing the outline using a bowl (much bigger than the cover): This step can also be performed by children.

A finish that changes everything! Use of ring (gold or silver or "painting in relief") to enhance your design.

You have noticed the red pepper? It is a source of paper towel, cut and pasted painted glue. See the collage paper towel.

On the pot, each triangle is framed gold ring.

The bottom is painted red. The triangles are yellow and orange (and we do not see in photo but in reality it is very colorful!).

The ring is commonly sold in small tubes. We must therefore exert a slight pressure to get a trickle of regular ring. Put your elbows on the table and with a little practice, you get less shake ...

And for reasons less definitive painted, the paint on windows ... is not just for kids! Adults can also use it in interior design.

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