Apr 26, 2010

glass painting colors - colored vase with one or two colors.

On a glass washed, dried and degreased with methylated spirits, placed masking tape (available in paint supply stores china) 6 mm wide.

It is elastic, unlike most ordinary masking tape and adheres perfectly round shapes.

Describe the tape a spiral from the base of the carafe, towards the cervix and reaching the base of the other side. If she is smooth and demarcate areas approximately equal surface, the plot of this curve does not matter.

Pour onto a paper plate several colors in your painting on glass. Here, we used yellow, violet, fuchsia pink and turquoise.

Using a foam pad grained, draw different colors that you dab on the jug making them mingle with each other on contact.

Use multiple buffers do not over mix your colors especially when you take out the yellow.
Let dry 24 hours.

It will wash the mud by hand without aggressive instrument through which it will last as long as you please ...

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