Aug 28, 2009


Traditionally, Glass painting referred to painting on the apparent of a area of Glass to be included in a decrepit Glass work. In best cases, the Glass paints acclimated for decrepit Glass painting are predominately browns and gray-blacks. The colors tend to be baptized or gum Arabic based, and can be activated with a besom in a adjustment agnate to the way watercolors are applied. In best cases, these paints are accursed assimilate the Glass application a kiln. There are several above types of acceptable decrepit Glass paints, including alkali trace paint, matt paint, argent stain, and oil based paints.

• Alkali trace paint
Gum Arabic, which helps the acrylic stick to the glass, is usually purchased in crumb anatomy and charge be alloyed with baptize or booze afore using.
Vinegar trace acrylic charge be activated "wet on wet"; that is, both the besom and the Glass apparent charge be wet. You can't administer added acrylic to a accurate abode already it dries; if you do, the acrylic is acceptable to cell back accursed in the kiln.
Painting with alkali trace acrylic requires practice. The hardest allotment is acquirements to administer aloof the appropriate bulk of paint. Back dry, alkali trace acrylic is about aching or aching with a baby stick or quill. This gives the acrylic a arrangement and abyss that can't be gotten from the acrylic alone. Already prepared, the acrylic is accursed to about 1100 degrees F.

• Matt paint
Matt paint, which uses a abject of either baptize and gum Arabic or baptize and vinegar, is easier to administer than alkali trace paint. Because it is added cellophane than alkali trace paint, matte acrylic is about activated over archetype paint. Often, two firings are required, one for the archetype acrylic and a additional for the matt paint.
Matt acrylic is best frequently acclimated for bushing in backgrounds and abacus shadows. As with alkali trace paints, the blush alternative is somewhat limited, consisting primarily of blacks, brown, blues, and greens.

• Argent stain
Silver stain, which is accessible in shades of red, yellow, and orange, gets its name from the attendance of argent nitrate in the stain. After firing, it turns golden, not silver-colored. Since argent stains are accursed to about 1000 to 1100 F, they may be accursed at the aforementioned time as decrepit Glass paints. Unlike Glass paints, argent stains becloud and abound added with anniversary firing.

• Oil-based decrepit Glass paints
The above disadvantage of these paints is that they tend to be beneath constant in application; although colors may be alloyed like approved oil paints, they do not consistently mix calmly or thoroughly and sometimes blaze unevenly.
Oil-based paints, which use an oil-turpentine base, are about accursed to a hardly lower temperature than water-based paints. If you are absorbed in acquirements added about the acceptable decrepit Glass painting process, access a archetype of Albinus Celsius's The Art of Painting on Glass, broadly advised the archetypal in the field.

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