Mar 1, 2010

Simple to do, stunning results - GLASS PAINTING

Equipment: Glass Paints – Glass Paints are available in pots to paint on with a brush or in the less messy option of pens. It can be a considerable initial expense to build up a collection of these paints, but they do last and even three colours to begin with can create stunning effects. There are a wide variety of makes available on the market, and instructions for use vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so always read the label. Many craft shops will be happy to demonstrate or explain techniques, so just ask. (Available from art & craft stores.)

Brushes – (If required). Use fine, good quality brushes for best results, depending on the design glass painting can be fiddly. (Available from art & craft stores.)

Glass, Perspex or Acetate – All sorts, shop around for good deals on tealight & votive holders, glasses, vases, coasters, or flat glass, perspex or acetate shapes to act as sun-catchers. (Available from Art & craft stores, but do shop around for bargains and multi-pack deals in discount stores. Poundstretchers, Woolworths, What Every’s, Au Naturale or Ikea. Ikea currently, (July 2003), stock tealight and votive holders at 25p each, ideal!) . Don’t forget acetate for cards too.

Outline Paint - (If desired). Designs can be painted freehand, however the easiest way to create an effective stained glass image is to use outlines. These can be achieved by painting an outline with outline paint, allowing it to dry and then colouring, within the outlines, with glass paint. Outline Paint is available in black, silver, gold and lead colours and is suitable for setting in an oven, as detailed below (Available from art & craft stores)

Stick-on Outlines –These are an easier alternative for the not so artistic, or just for quicker results. They are just what they say, peel-off outlines of designs that can be stuck down and then coloured in. Black outlines look most effective with the glass painting but they are also available in gold and silver. The stick-on outlines are not suitable for setting in an oven, as detailed below. (Available from art & craft stores.)

Kitchen roll & a Bowl of water – To wipe off any mistakes.

Access to an oven, (Optional) - Only required to set some types of paints onto GLASS items that are more than just decorative, i.e., coasters, glasses, vases, etc. Once set the designs should not wash off. Always follow the instructions specific to the paints and the base material you are using.

This appears to be a daunting array of materials, however it is just…… all the options! An effective and enjoyable glass painting session can be achieved with only three colours of glass painting pens, some acetate sheets and perhaps some stick-on outlines for that instant professional look. If the craft budget is tight, or you’re nervous of trying a new craft, just start small and go from there.

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