Aug 18, 2012

Elegant Arabic script in the paint on the glass in Algeria

Arabic script was dressed elegant suit sleeker in Algeria, through a series Forum modernist aesthetics mix between calligraphy and painting on glass , what marks the transformation of a dynamic system of art in Algeria through a new generation of creators innovators.
Possible for those who accompanied the festive Palace "Mustafa Pasha," the old center of Algiers, to wander masterpieces triple promising "Mahmoud Taleb," "Noureddine Core," and "Farrah Uday," and emerged through dozens of paintings on display, that use Budaiya mosque between cloth and paper Chinese , next to the integration of several arts of line drawing and sculpture, which strove feathers artists to confer Tnmitat contrary to the cushions and fashionable, and playing on the tendon and the Arabic letter Aonth viable flaunt and coloration in perfect harmony.
It seemed clear through what Strth fingertips Mahmoud Taleb, that it was a Devin turned badminton to housebreak Crystal fantasies to forms of expressive outrageous secrets, Mptosh messages, says a student who relies on line free, it inset new techniques Baltae the carvings and what is abstract, the purpose of give luster and frolic on the Arabic script and roaming in the spaces non-classics such as glass surfaces, after previously engaging in the many murals, including the huge mural exist now in Baghdad.
In turn, impact both "Noureddine Core" and "Farrah Uday" highlighting the aesthetic values ​​of the Arabic script, employing glass which allows transparency and luster embodiment charm daad and related effects and shrines, and used Noureddine and Farrah spectrum, whether dark or light, as well as intensify their structures, down to the source of light Alramz optimism.
Noureddine Core affected compatriot "Amer al-Hashemi," as well as the Iraqi calligrapher famous "Khalil Al-Zahrawi," explained its focus on colors and forwarded to glimpsing light, the fact that the cohesion of the characters and climb towards the summit denote the Union and the consequent importance in nation building.
And goes Nahtwa Arabic script in Algeria to the fact that the language of the line and Engatha began to take the path of remarkable in Algeria, which sustained significant since the establishment of a museum dedicated ornamented and miniatures and calligraphy in the country is witnessing a recovery for the world decorations, fonts differently also depends on the ink and light.
According artists from the School of calligraphy Bhadharh Medea (90 km west) as well as the Association of Fine Arts in Algiers, to keen on permanent development to take out a series of diverse colors and shapes go Palmtji in aesthetics to the ages rooted in tradition coincided with the height of the golden era of Arab-Islamic civilization.
And refers critic "Radwan sea" to the design of many paintings in Chinese ink and pen coal, while the work was completed other motifs gilt on silk, while attended Line Moroccan different types strongly, just like the Kufic script, the latter expressed Shafiq, Kamal, Fawzi and other lovers of miniatures youth preference for him, especially with giving a special touch contemporary.
It is expected that the critics assume calligraphy in Algeria, a leading center on the international level in the coming years, especially with the emergence of a new faction of artists such as: Amer al-Hashemi, Ahmad Blekhalh, and Moses Kchkah and others.

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